Food Crisis in the Horn: How You Can Help

July 10, 2011

Your attention (and help) is needed. I know most eyes begin to glaze over when hearing stories about global hunger crises. Starvation a world away can seem like a problem that an ordinary person can’t help to address.

But that’s not the case and right now your help is needed more than ever.

Horn of Africa Food Crisis Map

The Problem

The worst drought in 60 years and near record high world food prices have created a severe food crisis in the Horn of Africa. A famine warning has been issued for southern Somalia where years of war have further complicated the situation. Refugees are particularly at risk. There are heartbreaking stories of mothers trekking miles from Somalia to refugee camps having made an impossible decision to leave their youngest and weakest children behind in order to save the others. Even after arriving at refugee camps challenges remain. Some are already too dehydrated and malnourished to survive. Supplies are low and camps are already way overcapacity. Yet, these difficulties have not stopped the work of international aid organizations committed to making a difference.

Ways You Can Help

Learn More


Tell Congress not to cut foreign assistance today.

Did you know:

  • In 2008 the percentage of international aid the U.S. Government allocated as a function of its gross domestic product (GDP) was 0.19%, while the average contribution from the world’s richest countries was 0.45%. The United States’ percentage was the worst in comparison.
  • The entire international affairs account is a little more than 1% of the entire U.S. budget, yet it’s currently being targeted for disproportionate cuts. These severe cuts being proposed jeopardize lives and national security, but will fail to contribute significantly to any budget savings. Without educated constituents willing to defend humanitarian aid it becomes an easy target.

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